Engineering and project management

Engineering and project management often involves a high level of collaboration internally and externally with teams (made up of networks of engineers, surveyors and estimators) working across numerous offices and several major contracts.

Like many industries email is the primary communication tool. This means that a great deal of critical project information is stored in personal inboxes and individual desktops.

To extract this information from personal inboxes and to increase accessibility, organizations require a streamlined data management system.

The OnePlace Solutions product suite removes the risk of information being siloed in individual email inboxes and personal desktops by connecting Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows File Explorer to Microsoft SharePoint. This increases access and visibility of files and ensures the organization is compliant with records and email management policies and procedures.

Look at how OnePlaceLive supports Project Management, read OnePlaceLive Scenarios Unleashed: Project Management.


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