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Installing OnePlace Solutions on Citrix / Terminal Services

By default, when installing OnePlace Solutions in a Terminal Services or Citrix environment, OnePlace Solutions will load for all users, connected to the Citrix server.

The following procedure details how to configure OnePlace Solutions to only load for a subset of users (either by naming specific users for inclusion or exclusion).

  • When a user starts the OnePlace Solutions application the UserAvailabilityList.xml file will be detected and user inclusion/exclusion will be evaluated.
  • Decide which approach works best in your situation, either to exclude named users (applications will not load for), or to include named users (applications will load for).

Please note, it is only possible to use individual user credentials. Not an AD group.


Instructions on how to create the List for Release 7.x

1. Create an xml file called UserAvailabilityList.xml. Save this to the program installation directory on the server. This will typically be C:\Program Files\OnePlace Solutions.
2. Copy and paste from the appropriate example xml file content below and modify to list your users to include/exclude.


It is possible to edit the userList within the xml file to select which program the add in appears in, or does not appear in.

This is achieved by specifying the application attribute with one of the following valid application values:

Outlook | Word | Excel | Explorer | RightClickSendTo | AdobeReader | AdobeAcrobat | LiveClient