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Email site columns

The capture of rich metadata provides for better classification of content and best practice enterprise content management. The availability of metadata means views can be created and SharePoint search can be used more effectively to return content.

1. Add email site columns to the SharePoint site

OnePlace Solutions provides a number of columns to ensure that email metadata is captured at the time of saving to SharePoint.

The email columns can be deployed via the SharePoint PnP process, so these columns are efficiently added to your site collection.

Please select the version of SharePoint you are using to add the email site columns:

Deploy email columns

Create email columns manually

There may be times where you need to manually create these email columns.

Please find a list of available email columns:

2. Add the OnePlaceMail email columns to a content type

Browse to your SharePoint site collection where the email columns have been deployed to

  1. Select 'Site Settings'
  2. Under Web Designer Galleries, Select 'Site content types'
  3. Select 'Create'
  4. Name the content type. The content type can be named "OnePlaceMail Email"

  1. Select 'Add from existing site columns'
  2. From the drop down, select "OnePlace Solutions"
  3. Select all columns, then 'Add'

  1. Select Ok

The content type has now been created with the OnePlaceMail email columns available.

3. Add the content type to document libraries

The email content type can now be applied to the document libraries where emails will be saved.

  1. Browse to the document library
  2. Select 'Library Settings'
  3. Select ' Advanced Settings'
  4. Set the 'Allow Management of content types' to yes, Select OK

  1. Under 'Content types' select 'Add from existing site content types'

  1. From the drop down, select the previously created email content type. Select Add then OK.

4. Create a view for your email columns

Now that the content type is available in the document library, you can add some email columns to the default view, or create a new view

  1. Select 'Library Settings'
  2. Scroll down to 'View's
  3. Select the default view, or create a new view

  1. Select the email columns to be added to the view

  1. Select OK.

The columns will now be visible, when saving an email to the library the email attributes will be captured and displayed.