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Deploy the client software

This procedure details deployment of the client software using a new group policy dedicated to this purpose.
You could extend an existing group policy that is already bound to your target group of users/computers.


Prepare Deployment Files and Install via MSI Switch.


Ensure the pre-requisites of .NET 4.6.2 and Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 are installed prior to installing OnePlace Solutions software



Installing the OnePlace Solutions suite via MSI files

  • Ensure you have the correct version of the OnePlace Solutions software for the version of Outlook/Office on the target machines.

  • License Location parameter references the list in SharePoint which contains your license
  • Settings URL parameter references the url for the OnePlace Solutions site

 Note: Ensure there is no trailing / or 'allitems.aspx' when adding relevant urls



Note: license location and settingsurl parameters needs to be defined for each time, separately for  Docs, Live or Mail installation.


Copy this msi file/s to a shared network location that is accessible to all users and computers and ensure all users have read access to this file.