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Replace Subscription Key

The OnePlace Solutions key will need to be updated for he subscription period

Save the new key to your desktop / network location

The OnePlace Solutions Customer Success team will send out a 12 month subscription key.

This will be received via email, please save this key to your desktop / network location

Locate current license key

  1. Browse to your OnePlace Solutions site in SharePoint
  2. From the home page select 'Attach License or Key here'

SharePoint Online:

SharePoint On-premises (2013, 2016, 2019)

Remove current key

  • Select the item named 'License'
  • Delete the previously saved license file

Attach new key

Save the new key to your desktop / network location

SharePoint Online

  • Select the item 'License'
  • Select Edit All
  • Remove the existing key
  • Browse to your previously saved license key > Select Save

SharePoint on-premises

  • Select the item ' License'
  • Delete the current attached license

  • Select 'Attach file' from the ribbon to save the new key


  • Select Save