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Upgrade from R7.x to Current Release

When upgrading from R7.x the new version can simply be installed over the top of the current version.

 The evaluation software and the production software are the same - your license key determines if the software is in an evaluation or licensed state.

Upgrading a single user

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook and OnePlaceDocs
  2. Download the latest software setup package from our website
  3. Run the OnePlace Solutions setup package (from step 2)
  4. Once complete, restart Microsoft Outlook and OnePlaceDocs

Upgrading an enterprise environment

  1. Obtain the latest msi files for deployment

  2. Confirm pre-requisites and deploy the msi files using Enterprise Deployment instructions

User settings are retained through the upgrade process.

What happens if I change my SharePoint environment:

If you upgrade or change your SharePoint environment you will need a new license key. The steps below should be followed:

  1. Create a new license list on the new SharePoint site

  2. Update license location in the OnePlace Solutions software.

If using MSI deployment, you have the option to set the new license location at time of deployment, and deploy any new configuration settings.

Enterprise deployment steps can be found here.