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Upgrade from an earlier releaseUpgrade best practice & FAQ's

Upgrading OnePlace Solutions software is an easy process. It is possible to upgrade using MSI and group policy.

Configuration and user settings will be migrated automatically in the upgrade process.

Steps to upgrade

  • Download msi files
  • Install on a test machine. Test saving to SharePoint
  • Create group policy, referencing the updated msi file
  • Make any changes to the configuration settings via OnePlaceLive Configuration Profile service.
  • Set these to unpublished.
  • Deploy msi file to end users
  • Set the Configuration Service profile to published, for client machines to download.
  • Users will have a new version and updated settings.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:  How do I check which version I have installed?

A: You can check via OnePlaceMail / OnePlaceDocs settings, About. The release number will be shown here . Alternatively, you are able to confirm the exact version number via Control Panel, Programs & Features.


Q: I am upgrading OnePlace Solutions software, do I need a new key?

A: It is not necessary to obtain a new key when you upgrade your OnePlaceSolutions software. The upgraded version will use the same license list Url.


Q: I am upgrading my SharePoint site, do you I need a new software key?

A: The license key is bound to the list ID on the SharePoint site. If this List ID is different to the original ID submitted, a new key will need to be issued. Please contact customer service.


Q: How do I change the license list URL?

A: If the license list was originally set via MSI deployment, this can be updated via the registry.

The location is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OnePlaceSolutions\Common : LicenseLocation


Q: I have legacy server components - do I still need these? How do I upgrade?

A: Server components are required if support for BCS columns is required when using OnePlace Solutions software.

If there are no BCS columns in the SharePoint environment - we recommend upgrading and removing server components. Steps to upgrade can be found here.