Custom Column Mapping

By default OnePlaceMail will automatically capture email attributes (To, From, Subject etc.) and populate associated SharePoint columns, when relevant site columns have been added to a document library.

If you already are capturing email attributes into columns and would like to continue to use these document libraries, this is possible by setting up custom column mapping and mapping OnePlaceMail site columns to these existing columns.

Create the central column mapping list in SharePoint

1. Select a SharePoint site on which to create the Central Column Mapping list. All OnePlaceMail users must have access to read the Central Column Mapping list so keep this in mind when selecting a site to host the list.

2. In your SharePoint environment, navigate to the site to create the list on:


  • To see a full list of the OnePlaceMail Column names, and the List type please click here.

Once you have created the custom column list, copy the URL from this list. This needs to be added to the OnePlaceMail settings

  • For an individual client, add this URL to the OnePlaceMail Settings | Content capture tab.
  • For enterprise deployment, set this URL in the OnePlaceLive Configuration Profile, under 'Column mapping'