Data File Location - OnePlaceMail

The pst in Outlook acts as a connection to Outlook PST libraries in SharePoint.

The OnePlaceMail folders are added to a dedicated local OnePlaceMail .pst file in the user’s local windows profile..
Create PST in local or roaming path

Local: Stores the PST in local Windows profile.

Roaming: (Citrix and TS environments). Stores the PST in the users roaming Windows profile.

Default Data File: OnePlaceMail uses the users default mail store (either Microsoft Exchange or local mail .pst file) for adding OnePlaceMail folders to. No PST is created.

OnePlaceMail folder name in OutlookBy default, the pst will appear as OnePlaceMail in the Outlook Navigation pane. Enter a new value here to rename the folder.
OnePlaceMail folder URL in OutlookAllows you to set the folder homepage of the PST.