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Suggested locations extraction rules for refined search

Regular expressions can be used to define string pattern in an email property, that can be used in predictive filing to give a filing location.

Patterns may be CRM numbers, project numbers, matter numbers.

These numbers may start with a pre-defined prefix that can be identified and extracted from the email subject, and then used to find the email in SharePoint.

File Property to Extract Text From Enter the file property to be used to extract the text from eg: EmSubject
Example Text Enter your example text here to test the extraction rule. eg: CRM:00279070 Test message
Extraction Rule (Regular Expression) Enter the regular expression to be tested. eg: CRM:\d{7}?
Test Result (Extracted search terms) The test result of your extraction rule, will appear here.
Search Managed Property Name (optional) Search against a managed property in SharePoint eg: Project no, or CRM no