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API Custom Plugin - Email Tracking

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is a custom piece of code that can execute in response to a predefined event occurring in the normal operation of the product.

A custom plugin is developed as a Microsoft .Net dynamic link library (.dll) file using Visual Studio.

Development Machine Requirements

The development machine must have the following software installed and configured:

Visual Studio 2012 (or better)

.Net 4.0 Framework

OnePlace Solutions Suite (OnePlaceMail/OnePlaceDocs) installed

Understanding Plugin Event Contexts

The purpose of plugin event contexts is to allow the plugin code to programmatically respond to what was happening in OnePlaceMail before the event was triggered, and/or have any impact on what will happen in product after the plugin code executes.


Each of the available plugin events has its own unique context which is an object that is passed to your plugin code that you can interrogate to determine what was happening when the event occurred, and in some events you may modify properties within the context object which impact how the product will react after the plugin code has finished executing.

Currently, there is only one plugin context available within the Email Tracking Service, that is the EmailTrackingRecipientMailboxesUpdating context..