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Troubleshooting Steps

If you have issues with the ‘Email Tracking Service’ such as users report that their emails are not being set as ‘Transferred To SharePoint’ follow the following troubleshooting steps as well common Network/Exchange Troubleshooting steps:

Log Files

  • Turn on Verbose logging in the service settings described previously
  • Restart the Email Tracking Service:

  • Check both the Windows Event logs and the Email Tracking Service log files for any errors that may be occurring. The email tracking service logs output to “C:\OnePlace Solutions\Email Tracking\” folder on the server running the service. The log file is called “EmailTracker.log”.

Check Service Mailbox

  • Check the service mailbox inbox where all transactions are sent to see if there is a connectivity issue or corruption etc. If there is a large build-up of emails, try deleting all emails and restarting the service.

Check connectivity from Server running Email Tracking service to Exchange Server

  • Ensure the server running service can connect to Exchange servers through network level testing such as ping and tracert etc.
  • Go in to the Service settings and click “Test Exchange Connection”:

Check there are no General Exchange/Server issues

  • Check for low disk space issues on Exchange Server
  • Check for low disk space on server running Email Tracking service
  • Check there are no mailbox quotas on server mailbox
  • If using Exchange Online check that there are not specific service interruptions reported


  • Any emails moved from the Inbox or sent items folder by a user will not be updated by the email tracking service.
  • Any rules that run in Outlook to move emails arriving in user’s inboxes to other folders will cause the email to not be updated.