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Constructing the plugins_config.xml File

What is the plugins_config.xml file?

The plugins_config.xml is a small configuration file that tells the product about your custom plugin dll and which event(s) your custom class(es) should be bound to.

The plugins_config.xml file must be created within a directory called "Plugins" under the directory that the service is installed to. By default, this will be "C:\Program Files (x86)\OnePlace Solutions\Services" making the full path to the file “C:\Program Files (x86)\OnePlace Solutions\Services\Plugins\plugins_config.xml”.

How to register (bind) a custom plugin class to an event

The plugins_config.xml file consists of a single <plugins> node that contains one or more child <plugin> nodes

The context attribute determines which event your code will be bound to. Your plugin code will run when this event occurs. Valid values for context are:

  • EmailTrackingRecipientMailboxesUpdating

The pluginfilename attribute is the filename of the built dll that contains your code. Do not include the full path, just the filename of the dll.

The pluginclassname is the name of your class (within the dll file) that you want to use to handle the event. You must include the full class name including the namespace.

You may have a maximum of one custom plugin dll registered for each context