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Email Tracking General Settings

Tracking Audience

This is the Exchange distribution group created in pre-requisite setup and determines the users who can have their emails tracked


  • Maximum recipients to track per email – This setting limits the number of recipients to update per email e.g. if you set the value to 20 and an email is sent to 100 people only the first 20 people will have their emails updated.
  • Maximum attempts to process an email – This setting control how many attempts the service will take to complete the successful update of all recipients and sender. If any recipients or sender are not updated the transaction will remain in the service mailbox and will be picked up later for retry.
  • Maximum concurrent threads to use – This setting controls how many concurrent threads will be used on the server running the server to process transactions.

URL Filtering

URL Filtering allows you to include / exclude sites from email tracking.


Log files for the OnePlace Solutions Email Tracking Service are stored in “C:\OnePlace Solutions\Email Tracking\” folder on the server running the service. The log file is called “EmailTracker.log”.

Any major issues with service are logged to the Windows Event logs. Change the setting to Verbose if you need more detailed logging to the log file for help with troubleshooting any issues.