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Search (Content item)

The Search (content item) provides the ability to define a search query (KQL) to return one or more items of content from across your SharePoint/Office 365 environment. Content may include documents indexed by SharePoint / Office 365.

The Search (content item) and contained search query can execute against Office 365, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 and above environments . The SharePoint platform and configuration of Search within your environment will determine the richness and freshness of your search results.

New Search Item

For the selected Solution Profile:

  • Select 'New...'
  • Choose 'Search' from the new item type (under the content area)
  • Complete the Search Item form
Name This is the name of the folder as it will appear under the Solution Profile within the navigation tree
Description The description allows you to provide some further detail and purpose of the query being created. This is not currently displayed to the end user.
Search service URL

Enter the URL of your SharePoint Search service. Search is a service provided by SharePoint/Office 365. In many instances it is your front-end SharePoint server providing the service. Therefore, enter the root site collection URL.

However, the search service may be provided by a dedicated server in your environment or multiple servers (load balanced) and the URL may be different.

Query (KQL Syntax) Enter a valid search query (in KQL Syntax). The search query will return content such as office documents, pdf files, email message and other file types indexed by SharePoint / Office 365.