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Central Register (location item)

To create a central register, a custom list in SharePoint must be created first.


Create a Central Register item

  • Select 'New Item...

  • Choose 'Central Register' from the new item type



This is the name of the search as it will appear in the navigation tree for OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs



Enter a description of the item to be created


Central Register

Site URL Enter the URL of the central list, or document set containing the central register list
List Name Enter the name of the list, or document library that will be used to return locations
Register Type Options are; List or Document Set
Display Column Select the column that will be used to name the item returned. This can be title or a custom single line of text column.
Target URL Column Select the URL column from the central register.

Central Register Query

Base query of a Central Register view Selecting this button will present a view to select any custom views created in SharePoint. Selecting a view will add the CAML query to the dialogue box below.
Query dialog box

If selecting a custom view from the button above will show the query here.

Alternatively, a custom query can be written freehand here.


Examples of CAML queries:


Descendant Locations

Display Name Customize the name of the location to be returned
Relative URL Enter the name of the library to be targeted
Location Type Specify the location type of the targeted location



Determine the behavior when saving to a returned central register item in the solution profile

Prompt for Properties Always Selecting this option, the 'Save to SharePoint' dialog box will always appear to ensure metadata is captured
  Never Selecting this option, the 'Save to SharePoint' dialog box will not appear
Options Do not automatically check in documents By default, OnePlace Solutions will check in a document in the save process. If other workflows need to be run, this setting can be turned off


Set the locations that are returned when navigating a location returned in a search

Site navigation filtering

Hide all lists Restrict navigation tree to hide any lists when browsing the returned search locations
Hide system lists / libraries Restrict the navigation tree to hide all system libraries and lists when browsing the returned search locations
Restrict lists / libraries to site quick launch Restrict the navigation tree to show only locations specified in the site quick launch
Hide lists / libraries using specific template ids Restrict the navigation tree to hide lists or libraries based on specific template ids


Video : Solution Profiles - how to create a central register item