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Automatic metadata capture

When saving content from the OnePlace Solutions product suite into SharePoint/Office 365, metadata is automatically captured and applied to the resulting items created in SharePoint where possible.

Email Attributes

When saving emails and email attachments from Outlook to SharePoint using OnePlaceMail, email attributes such as Sent Date, Received date, Subject, From, To, Cc, etc... are automatically captured and promoted to SharePoint columns.


The OnePlace Solution Product suite provides a sandbox solution for the easy installation of email columns.  Once installed, the email columns can be added to one or more SharePoint content type / libraries / lists.  If saving content to a location where the email columns available, OnePlaceMail will automatically capture and promote email attributes to these columns as appropriate. 


 Tell me more about the sandbox solution and capturing email attributes.


Document Set Values

When saving to SharePoint/Office 365 document sets, metadata will be pushed down to the newly created items as per your SharePoint/Office 365 configuration. 

Location Level Defaults

When saving to SharePoint/Office 365 libraries and/or folders, if Location Level defaults have been defined, metadata will be stamped on the newly created items as per your SharePoint/Office 365 configuration.