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Save to SharePoint / Office 365

The Save to SharePoint window is shared by OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs, delivering a consistent user experience when saving content to SharePoint / Office 365.

You can save to SharePoint lists and libraries. In addition, you can add custom list definitions where appropriate.


The save to SharePoint window is presented when saving emails, email attachments, documents from Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer or Adobe acrobat. 

Displaying the Save to SharePoint window is optional and is controlled through the Settings window.  You can also favorite specific locations to show/hide the window.

Navigation Tree

The Navigation Tree is used throughout the OnePlace Solutions product suite and provides a consistent means for navigating SharePoint.


The location area provides the name and a link to open the currently selected location on the navigation tree into a web browser.


Content Type

For the currently selected location, available content types are presented for selection. 

SharePoint columns

SharePoint / Office 365 columns are available for completion.  Default values are presented and required columns specified in SharePoint / Office 365 will be enforced.


The items being saved to sharePoint / Office 365 are listed in the Files section.  Select Manage Files if you would like to modify the name of any file being saved.

Location Content

The Location Content tab shows the items in SharePoint / Office 365 for the currently selected location.  Actions such as viewing the selected item properties and using the an item's properties as the default vales for the current save process are available via the right-click.