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The Navigation tree is used consistently throughout the OnePlace Solutions Product Suite, enabling users to efficiently access and save content to SharePoint / Office 365  locations. 

SharePoint search service

Farm wide search capability

A Site Collection URL can be entered to provide instructions to search a specific SharePoint farm from the navigation tree.  Otherwise, the first Site Collection listed in the Navigation tree will be used to determine the SharePoint farm.  

Location Search

The farm wide search within the navigation tree can be disabled.


Search query mode

The navigation tree can execute search queries in two modes:

  1. Keyword query language search: Accepts the same search syntax as the standard search in SharePoint (as accessed via a web browser). If you specify a few keywords it will search across all properties (and content) indexed in search. It also supports more advanced refinements such as matching specific Manages Properties.
  2. Title property search: to match the entered text against only the title/name of locations (e.g. site collection name, site name, library name, folder name, document set name) and not other indexed properties.


For a better understanding of SharePoint Keyword Query Language please refer to this Microsoft article:

Location Filtering

Navigation Tree - filter/hide items

System lists/libraries can be removed from the navigation tree when browsing.  The OnePlace Live service provides more advanced filtering options such as restricting items to the quick launch, template ID's, and much more.

Type-ahead filtering of locations

OnePlaceMail provides the flexibility to filter content using a ‘Starts with…’ or a ‘Contains…’.  A complete explanation and examples are provided in the online knowledge base article:

Smart Filing

Suggested locations

The suggested locations will intelligently look at the email message being saved to SharePoint and present a number of locations within your SharePoint environment as suggested locations to save the email.  A suggested location can be selected for the email to be saved.  Once saved, the location will also become a recent location.

Suggested Locations work in OnePlaceMail with zero configuration required.  However, you can customize the intelligence of the suggested locations further for bespoke solutions if you have a license to the OnePlaceLive Service. 


The default is to show a minimal set of suggested locations.  You can optionally extend the number of suggested locations displayed.