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Previews of email and documents stored in SharePoint /  Office 365 are available within OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs.


If the Office Web Apps Server (SharePoint 2013, Office 365 or SharePoint 2010) is available, supported file types such as Office Documents and .pdf files (2013) will be rendered using the server-side preview technology. 

If the Office Web Apps server is not available or the file type is not support (e.g. .msg - email messages) the file will display as a local preview.


From a user perspective, the preview is consistently presented in OnePlaceDocs and OnePlaceMail.

Thresholds for Local Preview

A local preview option is available when the server-side preview provided by Microsoft Office Web Apps is not available.  An administrator (and if access is provided, the end user) can adjust settings to maintain control when performing local previews.


Any file size greater than the ‘Warning size’ value will require the user to explicitly request to see the preview.  Any file greater than the ‘Maximum size’ will not be available for preview. The Item can be opened from SharePoint by double-clicking on the item in the view. 

File Types

The File Types setting allows you to control what file types you will allow to be viewed using a local preview.  These settings work in combination with the Threshold settings.

Preview Cache

The Preview Cache is the maximum amount of disk space allocated to store cached files for local preview.