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OnePlaceDocs Explorer

Bring SharePoint to where users work.

OnePlace Docs brings SharePoint locations directly to where end users are familiar working, their desktop.

Navigation Tree

The navigation tree is shared across OnePlaceMail for Desktop and OnePlaceDocs. This provides a consistent way to access SharePoint locations.

OnePlaceDocs provides the navigation tree on start-up, providing access to SharePoint, regardless of application the user requires.

Grid view

A consistent experience when viewing items in SharePoint via OnePlaceDocs, users can select documents or items in the grid view.

Preview and Properties Pane

When an item is selected, on the right hand side a preview of the document is presented to the user. The user has the option to select "Properties view". When selected, the user has the ability to update item metadata directly from the desktop.

OnePlace Docs Home Ribbon


Open Location in browser Bringing SharePoint to the end user, selecting this button will open the location in the default browser
New item When a library is selected, the new item will allow you to create a folder or document set. If a list is selected, you can create a new list item without leaving your desktop
View item in browser When an item is selected, you can quickly select this to view the document or item in the default web browser.
Copy as Link Quickly share the location of an item by selecting the document or list item and copy the location as a link. This can then be pasted into an email.
Open With... By default, OnePlace Docs will launch the default application associated with a file type. This is set as in Control Panel for Windows. There may be occasions when you need to associate a different default application with a file type, or would like to associate a file type to open in the web application. To open in the browser (Office Web App) select SharePoint.
Download Download specific files from SharePoint.

Depending on the user permission, it is possible to delete files directly from the desktop. The user is required to confirm before this action is completed.

Upload Upload up to 100 files in a single transaction from file share locations or C drive. When this is selected, a dialogue box is presented to allow you to navigate Windows locations
Status Check the status of documents recently saved to SharePoint
Check in / Check out Check a file out directly from your desktop. Also have the ability to check the file back in, and add comments
Search Deliver SharePoint search locations centrally to allow users to search SharePoint directly from their desktop
Favorites Access to manage Favorite locations