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Promote email headers to columns

OnePlaceMail will automatically promote email attributes to columns in SharePoint to enhance the search capability and improve user experience.

When additional properties are available within an email, these properties can also be captured and promoted to columns in SharePoint.

This can be useful for automatic additional security or legal classification for true and accurate records.


This feature is customizable to fit any requirement where additional email properties can be captured


How to capture additional properties

Review the email properties, and locate the additional header properties to be captured.

Once the email header properties have been identified these can be added to the OnePlaceLive Configuration Profile, ensuring this item is configured once and available to all users.


Configure the email header properties rules

  1. Using the OnePlaceLive Configuration Profile service select 'Email header property to SharePoint column value rules'
  2. Enter the 'Email header property'
  3. Enter the Matching rule (Regular Expression) - these can be extracted from the email properties
  4. SharePoint (Internal) column name - This is the name of the column for the property to be promoted to
  5. SharePoint column value - This is the value that is to be displayed in the column