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Access SharePoint / Office 365 from Microsoft Outlook

The OnePlace Solutions product suite provides efficient and intuitive access to SharePoint / Office 365 locations and content. OnePlaceMail allows you to access SharePoint/Office 365 from your familiar Microsoft Outlook environment, performing actions and tasks such as:


  • Browsing SharePoint With a familiar Outlook style experience or toggle to a full web browser experience.
  • Searching SharePoint From Microsoft Outlook search SharePoint content and locations.
  • Inserting links Email as links - Insert link to documents and items stored in SharePoint / Office 365.
  • Inserting documents as attachments Email as attachments- Insert documents from SharePoint / Office 365 as email attachments.
  • Access to SharePoint views Access the full power of SharePoint views, metadata, filtering within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Productivity actions Engage with solutions on the SharePoint/Office 365 platform and increase productivity.