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Recent locations

OnePlaceMail remembers the SharePoint/Office 365 locations where you have saved or accessed content. These are known as recent locations and are shared across the OnePlace Solutions suite of products.


Recent locations are available in a number of locations:

  1. As a selection when using the Copy to/Move to buttons in the Outlook ribbon
  2. One the left navigation of Outlook and therefore accessible to drag/drop operations and easy selection when accessing sharePont
  3. The navigation tree used throughout the OnePlace Solutions suite of products.  This includes the save to SharePoint window, Insert from SharePoint and Docs Explorer for SharePoint/Office 365 (Windows task tray application) (if licensed to use OnePlaceDocs)

The Navigation Tree, including recent locations, are shared across the OnePlace Solutions product suite, therefore, providing access from Outlook, Office, Adobe Acrobat and Windows Explorer when saving or accessing content.