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Deploy the client software

This procedure details deployment of the client software using a new group policy dedicated to this purpose.
You could extend an existing group policy that is already bound to your target group of users/computers.


Ensure the pre-requisites of .NET 4.5.2 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 are installed prior to installing OnePlace Solutions software


Prepare Deployment Files and Install via MSI Switch.

Ensure you have the correct version of the OnePlace Solutions software for the version of Outlook/Office on the target machines.

Installing the OnePlace Solutions suite via MSI files

  • License Location parameter references the list in SharePoint which contains your license
  • Settings URL parameter references the url for the OnePlaceLive site.
  • ForceClientOnly=1 paramter is required when upgrading OnePlaceSolutions, and removing server components.

 Note: Ensure there is no trailing / or 'allitems.aspx' when adding relevant urls



Note: license location and settingsurl parameters needs to be defined for each time, separately for  Docs, Live or Mail installation.


Copy this msi file/s to a shared network location that is accessible to all users and computers and ensure all users have read access to this file.

The Group Policy mechanism will install the software from this location on computer startup.

Create the Group Policy

Note: If you have a mixed client environment (e.g. some Outlook 2013 and some Outlook 2010 clients) you will need to repeat this procedure and use one group policy for each of these.