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Office Graph content (item)

The Office Graph (content item) provides the ability to surface content based on the insights derived by the Office Graph technology. The content surfaced through Office Graph can also be further refined using KQL. This provides greater context to content and the ability to provide a scope for content being surfaced as it relates to particular business solutions (represented by Solution Profiles).

The Office Graph (content item) executes against Office 365 environments.

New Office Graph Item

For the selected Solution Profile:

  • Select 'New...'
  • Choose 'Office Graph' from the new item type (under the content area)
  • Complete the Office Graph Item form
Name This is the name of the folder as it will appear under the Solution Profile within the navigation tree
Description The description allows you to provide some further detail and purpose of the query being created. This is not currently displayed to the end user.
Use Result source

Results sources are only available in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 and above environment.

What is a result source and how do I get the result source id?

Result source name Enter the name of the Result Source
Result source id Enter the result source id
Search service URL

Enter the URL of your SharePoint Search service. Search is a service provided by SharePoint/Office 365. In many instances it is your front-end SharePoint server providing the service. Therefore, enter the root site collection URL.

However, the search service may be provided by a dedicated server in your environment or multiple servers (load balanced) and the URL may be different. This is required for both GQL and KQL.

Graph query (GQL)

Enter a valid OfficeGraph query or use the button to select a predefined query.

For example, the follow pre-defined queries are available:

- Home

- My Work

- Edited by me

- Viewed by me

Tip: You can further scope and/or restrict the content surfaced by Office Graph using the KQL and/or Result Source.

Query (KQL Syntax) Enter a valid search query (in KQL Syntax). The search query will return content such as office documents, pdf files, email message and other file types indexed by SharePoint / Office 365.