Save from Microsoft Office to SharePoint/Office 365

OnePlaceDocs allows you to save from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to SharePoint and Office 365.  Metadata (column information) for the selected location in SharePoint/Office is presented and completed as part of saving the pdf document to the library or list.

Saving a new document from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

When a new document has been created in the Microsoft Office suite, the document can be saved to SharePoint and metadata captured without leaving the application you are working in.

  • Select 'Save to SharePoint' from the ribbon
  • The dialog box will appear to select a location
  • If applicable, enter the additional metadata when saving

Save As:

In OnePlace Docs, it is possible to save the document you are working on and convert the file to a pdf format in a single click

Saving an existing document from Word, Excel and PowerPoint to SharePoint/Office 365

When working on an existing document that has been opened from SharePoint, the autosave in Word/Excel/PowerPoint will save this back to SharePoint, ensuring that content is saved in the right location.