Best Practice Guide

1. Deploy OnePlaceMail App to users

Using the Office Administration Center you can select to deploy the app to 'Everyone' or select specific users or groups.

Click here for deployment steps.

2. Provide app consent on behalf of users

The OnePlaceMail App requires permission to perform specific tasks in Office 365. To prevent each user from being prompted for these permissions on first use, we recommend using the following link to provide consent to these permissions on behalf of users.

3. Deploy Subscription ID to users

The Subscription ID needs to be added for each user.

Option 1

Contact us to opt-in to auto subscribe all users.

Please note this is available when all users are using the same subscription Id in the domain.

Option 2

Communicate the subscription Id to users to allow them to individually add the id when using the app.

4. Create email columns in SharePoint

To capture and promote email attributes when saving emails and attachments to SharePoint the appropriate SharePoint columns should be created and added to appropriate content types and or document libraries.

These are deployed via SharePoint PnP

Further instructions on adding the columns to your content type and libraries can be found here.