Deploy OnePlaceMail App across an organization

Deploying Apps in Microsoft Admin Center: Microsoft Instructions

1. Deploy the Add-in

The OnePlaceMail app can be deployed centrally via the Microsoft Admin Center.

  1. Log into the Microsoft 365 admin center
  1. Select Settings, Services & add-ins
  1. Select Deploy Addin, Next


  1. Select I want to add an Add-In from the Office Store

  1. In the search box, enter "OnePlaceMail for Outlook"

  1. Select Add

The add in is now enabled.


Configure the add-in

Once the add-in has been added, determine if all users should have access or set a specific group.

  1. Select OnePlaceMail for Outlook and note the status of the Add-in is 'On'

  1. Select "Who has access" and apply to "Everyone" or "Specific Groups"

  1. Select 'Close' to enable this setting