Catherine Campbell, Sport NZ

I really appreciate the support your team provides in general, I have now been contacted by or in contact with a few of the team members, and each time it has been a really good experience. Thank you for your support.

Catherine Campbell, Sport NZ - May 2021

Harry Nicholson - Torres Strait Regional Authority

OnePlace Solutions is a great product which makes using SharePoint and OneDrive with Office applications much easier than it otherwise would've been with just the native tools.

Harry Nicholson, Torres Strait Regional Authority - Jan 2020

Melvin Heath, Labor Bureau

OnePlace Solutions provides a product that increases our productivity, is easy to use, and is extremely reliable. In addition, the personnel at OnePlace Solutions offer excellent support, are courteous, efficient, and treat us as a valued customer.

Melvin Heath, Labor Bureau - May 2020

Randy Shurden

Excellent performance and customer service

Randy Shurden - Jan 2020

Town of Canmore accelerates SharePoint adoption with OnePlace Solutions

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Client Name: Gordon Reid, Manager of IT, Town of Canmore
Client Hero Quote: To get users to adopt the platform, it requires close integration with Microsoft Office in general and Microsoft Outlook in particular, since these are the tools that users are most familiar with.

Client: Town of Canmore

Industry: Government


Country: Canada


The Town of Canmore needed a solution that would empower users to embrace SharePoint as quickly as possible.


OnePlace Solutions offered a robust and functionally rich way to dramatically increase the take-up of SharePoint without causing an undue support burden for the IT team or for end users.

  • 100 per cent eradication of issues in saving from emails and files.
  • 50 per cent reduction in time it takes to get users up to speed on SharePoint.
  • Streamlined process of accessing and using information, making it faster and easier.

The picturesque town of Canmore sits just west of Calgary in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. Located near the border of Banff National Park, Canmore became a tourist destination after hosting some of the events in the 1988 Winter Olympics. With a population of approximately 14,000, Canmore is the ninth-largest town in Alberta.

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