JTC Group uses OnePlace Solutions to drive scalability and growth

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Client Name: Nigel Carruthers, associate director, group information systems, JTC Group
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Client Hero Quote: The benefits have been brilliant from a versatility and scalability perspective, and we have gained efficiencies everywhere. The product’s scalability also provides a solid platform for future growth as we grow our business through acquisitions. OnePlaceMail helps to make the integrations more efficient by easily folding the data into the already-established environment.

Client: JTC Group

Industry: Professional services

Website: www.jtcgroup.com

Country: Channel Islands


Rapid and sustained growth meant a more versatile, scalable enterprise storage solution was needed to keep up with the dynamic pace of the organisation.Rapid and sustained growth meant a more versatile, scalable enterprise storage solution was needed to keep up with the dynamic pace of the organisation.


OnePlaceMail offered JTC Group a secure, integrated and easily customisable solution that would scale with the business.

  • Efficiencies gained across the organisation.
  • Search for historical client information reduced from taking up to a week, down to around five minutes.
  • The solution has delivered versatility, scalability, security and greater automation letting the company focus on driving growth.

JTC Group is a publicly listed, award-winning provider of fund, corporate and private client services. The company aims to build partnerships with its clients that lets them focus on their core business while JTC Group manages risk, protects assets and identifies opportunities on their behalf.

Sigma Healthcare strengthens internal collaboration with OnePlace Solutions

Sigma Healthcare
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Client Name: Sam Lawson, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Sigma Healthcare
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Client Hero Quote: It’s a great solution. Emails are so prevalent in modern business, so being able to have a digital copy captured in a way that’s searchable and intuitive is a big step in the right direction.

Client: Sigma Healthcare

Industry: Legal & Professional Services

Website: www.sigmahealthcare.com.au

Country: Australia


Sigma Healthcare needed a record and file management solution to share information, allocate work, and report accurately within the legal department.


OnePlace Solutions introduced Engage Squared, which recommended OnePlaceMail as a cost-effective way to collaborate and support business growth.

  • A flexible solution that didn’t require Sigma Healthcare to pay for things it didn’t need.
  • Streamlined the process of saving emails and documents from Outlook into SharePoint.
  • Easier handovers and new hire training with retained corporate knowledge, so productivity was maintained.
  • An effective file management system that scales as the business grows.

Sigma Healthcare is a full-line wholesale and distribution business to community and hospital pharmacies. It has the largest pharmacy network in the country, providing Australians access to medicine regardless of where they live. Sigma Healthcare supports pharmacists to be innovative to help shape Australian pharmacy care.

Trevor Bramwell, Mitie

Recommended to my whole team 2 weeks ago. This is what I posted: Works really well. Gives you the option to save both the email and the attachment. Presents a list back of the regular SharePoint sites you visit or you Search by the site name. Gives option to save to library or Folders within if you use them. Also enables you to add any metadata to the files. Saves lots of time faffing around saving to desktop and uploading back to a SharePoint site.

Trevor Bramwell, Mitie - Jan 2020

Vanessa Challess, Tiger Law

Absolutely first class client care, we have been able to rely on OnePlace Solutions to help us with every issue quickly and with care. We can now save emails and explore our Sharepoint from inside Outlook which is perfect from both the compliance and efficiency angles. I'm so happy that we came across OnePlaceMail, it is an absolute lifesaver!

Vanessa Challess, Tiger Law - October 2020

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