Email tracking

Imagine saving emails to SharePoint or Office 365 and automatically having the other recipients inboxes updated to show the email has been saved.


There is no more guessing if an email has been saved by someone else!

Update recipient inboxes automatically

Save an email to SharePoint using OnePlaceMail and allow the OnePlaceLive Email tracking Service to take care of automatically updating other recipient inboxes with a 'Saved to SharePoint' category.

  • Save time by proactively showing when emails have already been saved to SharePoint / Office 365
  • Easily select a tracked email and open to the location in SharePoint with the click of a button

Customize with the API

Extend the Email Tracking Service with your own business logic. Capture project or legal matter numbers, integrate with other business systems and set information with inbox views.

  • Redefine the SharePoint location to launch when navigating to a tracked email from within Outlook
  • Add project or matter numbers against emails, add email analytics and much more...