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Adding a time-limited licence key to a list

This article will assist in adding a time limited key to a list.

1. Create License List

The license list should be created in a location where the user has contribute permissions. This will ensure that their credentials will be automatically added to the license list. Read access can be given, however the user's credentials will need to be manually added prior to the using OnePlace Solutions products.
Create new list in your SharePoint site, named "License" (or any name of your choice).

 2. Attach License Key to the license list

Create a new item in the list, named License.

Select Save


Copy the license list URL, this is needed to license the client installation.


This can now be added to the license tab in each client installation.


3. Reference license from clients

Add the license location URL individually on each client install. 

  1. In Outlook, select the OnePlaceMail Tab | Settings; or in the Docs Explorer, select File | Settings
  2. Select Licensing
  3. In the License Location, click "Change Location"
  4. Paste the license location and click "OK"


A successful confirmation will be presented. Click Save to close the Settings Dialog.





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