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OnePlaceMail App for Outlook

Connect Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online across all supported devices, including macOS, Windows, OWA, Android, iOS iPhone and iPad.


macOS, Windows, OWA, Android, iOS iPhone and iPad
The OnePlaceMail App works on all platforms and devices supported by Outlook. With multi-platform support, you can remain productive from your phone, web browser or preferred Outlook on Windows or mac client.
The OnePlaceMail App works on all platforms and devices supported by Microsoft Outlook.
Native to Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android, productivity and greater collaboration is at your fingertips


Search with ease and save to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams locations while on the move.


Pin and navigate to your favorite SharePoint locations with ease.

Custom Locations

Save to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Channel locations

A modern, Intuitive user experience

The OnePlaceMail App looks, feels and works intuitively within Microsoft Outlook, resulting in a natural experience for all Microsoft Outlook users.

Save email or attachments to SharePoint

From any device, save emails to SharePoint. Emails and attachments are saved in the background, allowing you to get work done.

Modern collaboration with Microsoft Teams integration

Save to Microsoft Teams channels from Microsoft Outlook and encourage modern collaboration with less email for project teams.

Simple, centralized deployment

Deploy to everyone in your organization or a group of users using the centralized Microsoft 365 deployment capabilities. The OnePlaceMail App simply works across all Microsoft Outlook environments.

Connect Outlook to SharePoint on Windows

OnePlaceMail seamlessly connects Outlook with Microsoft SharePoint Online or Microsoft 365 for greater productivity and engagement.

Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA)

With the full power of the Windows desktop Outlook client, the OnePlaceMail App is your trusted companion to make SharePoint easy.

If you need additional capabilities or require on-premises SharePoint support, the OnePlaceMail Desktop software has you covered.

Work from Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA)

Microsoft Outlook Web provides the convenience of using your favorite web browser on Windows or macOS.

The OnePlaceMail App is ready and able to help you save content efficiently into SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.

Access SharePoint on your iPhone or iPad

OnePlaceMail App for Outlook connects mobile iOS users (iPhone & iPad) and macOS seamlessly to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.

OnePlaceMail App for Outlook on iOS is ready for business

The OnePlaceMail App for iOS delivers email management to your fingertips. Remaining productive from the small screen or otherwise non-productive time is a thing of the past.

MacOS and OWA

Outlook for macOS users now has the full capabilities of the OnePlaceMail App when working with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint online.

Save to SharePoint from your iPhone or iPad

With more than half of all emails now read from a mobile device, Outlook mobile is critical for today’s modern workplace.

The OnePlaceMail App for Outlook works on iOS enabling you to save email or attachments from on your iPhone or iPad to SharePoint and Teams.

Access SharePoint from Outlook on Android

Seamlessly connect Android phones and tablets to SharePoint Online or Microsoft 365 for greater productivity and engagement

Doing business from Outlook for Android

Getting thing done from your phone with SharePoint is made simple with the OnePlaceMail App delivering seamless capture, classify and access capabilities in the palm of your hand.

Save to SharePoint from Outlook for Android

Outlook mobile makes it easy to work on the go, connect with Microsoft 365 for seamless email management. The OnePlaceMail App support on Outlook for Android is making productivity in the modern workplace available wherever you are.

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