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Frequently Asked Questions


The following FAQ's will assist with common questions.  Please also review the support/resources, join the OnePlaceMail Community or contact us if we can assist you further.

What is the difference between the Desktop software and App?

The desktop software supports Microsoft 365 and SharePoint on-premises environments, including hybrid environments.

The OnePlaceMail App is an 'as a service' solution supporting Microsoft 365 environments. The app works across different devices and form factors, including Windows, macOS, Web Browser, iOS, and Android devices.

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How often do you provide updates for the app?

The OnePlaceMail App is updated frequently, typically once a month. The changes are immediately available as the solution runs as a service on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Can I provide a product review?

Yes, please provide a review on Microsoft AppSource. Thank you for being so supportive.

You can also contact us if there is anything we can do to assist.

Are there feature differences between OnePlaceMail Desktop and OnePlaceMail App?

The OnePlaceMail Desktop and OnePlaceMail App work well together. Some shared core capabilities include saving an email and attachment to Microsoft 365 Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. However, there are also differences, such as the multi-platform support provided by the OnePlaceMail App.

The OnePlaceMail Desktop Software provides rich email management and solution engagement capabilities for a better employee experience when engaging with business solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform.

Detailed Feature Comparison

Do you support saving to Microsoft Teams?

Yes, all plans support saving to Microsoft Teams, including Teams channels and libraries and lists within the Teams Site.

The OnePlaceMail App supports connecting with Microsoft Team from Outlook for the web, macOS, Windows, and mobile devices. The Desktop software supports connecting with Microsoft Teams from Outlook and Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat and Windows Docs Explorer.

How often do you provide updates for the desktop Software?

The Desktop software is typically updated quarterly (see What's new) and is available to all customers with a valid subscription. It is not a requirement for a customer to deploy every update. 

Can I provide feedback/suggestions for product enhancements?

Yes, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Your feedback helps influence our product roadmap.

Can I use the OnePlaceMail App with my personal email account (e.g. Gmail or account?

No, the OnePlaceMail App supports Microsoft 365 work accounts/email addresses.

Can I use the OnePlaceMail App on all Microsoft Outlook clients including mobile devices and the web browser?

Yes, this is one of the benefits of using the OnePlaceMail App in a modern workplace.

How many users can use the Lite subscription plan?

The Lite plan is restricted to a single user per subscription and is for personal use.

What is a transaction?

A transaction is a single process of saving an email and, or attachments to Microsoft 365 using the OnePlaceMial App. The Lite plan (free) limits the number of available transactions monthly.

What are the limitations of the Lite subscription plan?

 The Lite Plan is free and available for personal use. The Lite plan provides restricted access to the OnePlaceMail App. Some restrictions include: 

  • Capped at 15 transactions per calendar month
  • Technical support is limited to the online knowledgebase, user documentation, and feedback forum
  • Feature limits, for example: Converting attachments to pdf (on insert) and saving to Microsoft Teams channels

The Desktop Software is not available on the Lite Plan.

Is the Lite plan free?

Yes, the Lite plan is free.  The subscription provides limited access to the OnePlaceMail app for personal use.

Are there any best practice resources to help with my trial?

We recommend following the Best Practice Deployment guide.  Please contact us if you require further assistance.

Do I need to pay for the 30-day trial?

No, it is free to get started on a 30-day trial. All Premium features are made available, and no credit card is required.

What’s included in the 30-day trial?

The getting started 30-day trial includes all features (Premium Plan) and optional add-ons. The technical support and the customer success teams are also available to assist throughout your 30-day trial.

How many users can use the 30-day trial?

The trial allows for 25 users. Contact our Customer Success Team if additional users are required during your trial.

Do you offer not for profit discounts?
Yes, discounts are provided for approved and verified not for profits at the discretion of OnePlace Solutions. Please request a quotation and provide not for profit details.
Are volume discounts applied across multiple subscriptions

No, tiered user volume discounts are on a per subscription basis. 

Can my subscription have a mixed number of users across the same subscription?

No, a subscription is for a chosen number of users. The subscription includes the selected plan and any add-ons.

Can I purchase licenses online?

Yes, a subscription for up to 100 users can be purchased online. Volume discounts are available for larger purchases. Please request a quotation.

Note: Contact the Customer Success Team if you want to add additional licences to an existing subscription. The Customer Success Teams will ensure any volume discounts, pro-rata adjustments, and single renewal date is applied.

Can I downgrade my plan throughout the subscription period?

No, the subscription plan pricing and volume discounts are for the selected Term. The plan, including the number of users, can be adjusted on renewal.

Can I buy additional licenses during the term of my subscription?

Yes, licenses can be added to your subscription. The subscription fee will be calculated pro-rata to retain a single renewal date. Please contact our Customer Success Team for a quotation, including any volume discounts that may apply.

Do you provide partner margins?

Yes, apply to learn more about the OnePlace Solutions Partner Program.

Can I purchase licenses through a partner?

Yes, we have exceptional partners who can assist with your subscription, professional services and first-level support. Please see our partners or contact us if you would like us to speak with your preferred service provider.

What are the subscription period terms?

Subscriptions are provided on an annual basis. Multi-year subscriptions are also available and attract a discount. 

Are user licenses concurrent or named user?
Licenses are based on named users and are not concurrent. However, licenses can be transferred if someone is no longer using the software or has left the business.
What currency can I purchase my subscription in?
Subscriptions are available in USD, EUR, GBP and AUD. The subscription currency is determined by your location.
Can the OnePlaceMail App and Desktop be used together

Yes, the OnePlaceMail app extends the rich email management capabilities and productivity to all environments that support Microsoft Outlook, including Outlook for the web browser, mobile devices (iOS & Android), macOS, and Windows. The desktop software works for Outlook on Windows and complements the OnePlaceMail App.

How do I deploy the OnePlaceMail App

The OnePlaceMail App is centrally deployed through the Microsoft 365 Administration Center.  The following best practice deployment steps are recommended.

How do I update the desktop software?

Follow the upgrade instructions provided.  Please reach out if any assistance is required.

What Office environments does the desktop software support?

Outlook/Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010 are supported.

Does the desktop software work for Microsoft 365 environments?

Yes, the desktop software supports connecting to Microsoft 365.  It also supports SharePoint on-premises (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010) and hybrid environments.

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