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Email has become the primary communication tool and the perception of critical information has evolved. Records are no longer viewed as hardcopy documents. Now they are any record, however recorded, that provides evidence of or information about an event or transaction.

Many emails contain critical records and the risk of having these inaccessible in personal inboxes is high. OnePlaceMail facilitates the capture of true and accurate email records from Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint. With a seamless drag and drop interface to save emails and attachments, critical records along with associated email attributes are automatically saved to SharePoint / Office 365.

OnePlaceDocs extends the capture, classification and access to content from common applications such as Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat and Windows Explorer to ensure a consistent and familiar experience when interacting and saving content to SharePoint and Office 365. This means a simple experience for the end user, resulting in greater capture and classification of critical business assets.

With an intuitive interface, end users are encouraged to classify content with further metadata as defined by the destination SharePoint or Office 365 location. Storing email assets in their native format retains the integrity of the original email and associated attachments and allows SharePoint to apply the appropriately defined record retention policies.

Capture and classify critical email records, attachment and documents from familiar application with ease

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