End user adoption of SharePoint / Office 365

The OnePlace Solutions product suite provides a solutions focused approach for engaging end users with SharePoint and driving the adoption of solutions delivered on the SharePoint / Office 365 platform.

By delivering solutions to the where the end user works in a manner which is simple, efficient and focused on the tasks the end user needs to achieve, the OnePlace Solutions suite of software is removing the chaos of SharePoint and driving adoption of the platform.

Minimize change for end users, remove SharePoint chaos, reduce the click to get a task done, deliver enhanced productivity, team collaboration and real benefits to the end user when working with solutions delivered on SharePoint / Office 365. This is the promise of the OnePlace Solutions product suite and how we're helping customers in over 35 countries to successfully leverage the SharePoint / Office 365 platform.

Keep it simple, minimise change and allow end users to successfully engage with and adopt SharePoint

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