SharePoint project management & collaboration

Deliver engaging Project Management solutions and promote best practice information management and collaboration on the SharePoint / Office 365 platform. Conveniently save and access SharePoint project content from familiar applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Office, Adobe Acrobat and Windows Explorer.

Project Management

By implementing the OnePlace Solutions product suite, critical elements of project management can be improved and teams can:

  • Improve communication
  • Ensure greater visibility of project information
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance resulting from the mismanagement of critical documents
  • Increase decision-making speed
  • Improve project outcomes
  • Lower costs.

Promote best practice information management and collaboration on the SharePoint / Office 365 platform

Blog series - OnePlaceLive Scenarios Unleashed

OnePlaceLive Scenarios Unleashed: Project Management

OnePlaceLive Scenarios Unleashed: Project Management

Each article in this series takes an in-depth look at a single realistic business scenario and how to apply OnePlaceLive to overcome the key challenges faced. The scenario for this article is a project centric engineering company where projects are carried out for external customers and projects typically run for several months to several years in duration. The information architecture for this system is a single site collection with a subsite per project.

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