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The banking and finance sector is highly regulated and subjected to high degrees of prudential scrutiny. That's why it's critical for organisations in this sector to have appropriate records management procedures. It's also why it's important to ensure that one of the most unstructured forms of information management, email, is also managed to ensure regulatory compliance.

The OnePlace Solutions product suite provides a powerful and seamless way for Outlook emails and their attachments, MS Office and files from Windows File Explorer to be classified with metadata and saved directly into a SharePoint Server.

There are no additional desktop icons or new systems to learn. The OnePlace Solutions product suite simply presents new menu functions within these existing Microsoft applications making it intuitive for users to save information. In addition, the OnePlace Solutions product suite works with older versions of Office and Outlook to allow them to make full use of the features contained in SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013. It also uses enterprise type-ahead keywords for fast and accurate filing of information.

By implementing the OnePlace Solutions product suite, financial services organisations can improve information governance and compliance beyond that solely provided by SharePoint.

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