Connect Microsoft Outlook email to SharePoint / Office 365.

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What is OnePlaceMail?

OnePlaceMail seamlessly connects Microsoft Outlook Email to SharePoint / Office 365 to improve collaboration, business productivity and records management across the organization.


Promote user adoption and capitalize on the investment made in Microsoft SharePoint / Office 365

Outlook to SharePoint integration

outlook to sharepoint integration

A seamless, intuitive and familiar filing experience for users when saving emails from Outlook to SharePoint.

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Access SharePoint from Outlook

Access SharePoint from Outlook

Browse, insert, open and search SharePoint from the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface.

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It takes under 3 minutes to get up and running - download, install and start using the OnePlace Solutions product suite.


  • Unlock valuable information assets trapped in Microsoft Outlook inboxes, Network drives and documents created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Reduce compliance and records management risk through better email management.


  • Promote email attributes to SharePoint columns for a complete record of an email message.

  • Classify content from Outlook using Terms and Taxonomy and SharePoint metadata.


  • Bring SharePoint and Office 365 to the user within Microsoft Outlook.

  • Search and insert items from SharePoint within Microsoft Outlook.

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