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OnePlaceMail Wins Microsoft 365 App Awards - People's Choice 2019

Jessica is a senior marketing professional with over 10 years in the industry.
Jessica Mckenzie
05 November 2019
OnePlaceMail Wins Microsoft 365 App Awards

The OnePlace Solutions team is excited to share the OnePlaceMail App has won the Microsoft 365 App Award 2019 - People’s Choice and received 2nd place for Best Integration!

The Microsoft app awards recognize companies that built applications on the Microsoft 356 platform for both Office and Windows. The awards recognize apps that do a particularly great job customizing the productivity experience for Microsoft 365 users.

Microsoft judges reviewed these apps for how well they integrate with Office and Windows and their ability to enhance business productivity and user experience - and of course, the People‘s Choice award, as determined by your votes. Winners were announced at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida.

We are thrilled to be recognized by not only Microsoft for the Best Integration award but by our customers, partners and the broader community as People’s Choice winner.

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James Fox, OnePlace Solutions CEO said, “The OnePlaceMail App winning the People’s Choice award is a huge credit to our passionate team and their commitment as we’ve transformed our business to deliver SaaS-based solutions over the last four years. OnePlaceMail delivers on our mission of enabling people in business to do more, simply. I thank all of our customers and partners for their support and I’m thrilled they’re seeing the value in our solutions.” 

OnePlaceMail is the only solution allowing you to save emails and attachments to Microsoft Teams Channels and SharePoint from Microsoft Outlook on any device.

The solution helps drive adoption of Microsoft Teams by shifting the exchange of email messages and duplicate content being created in Microsoft Outlook to fast-moving conversations in Teams. OnePlaceMail enables users to achieve greater productivity and successful modern workplace collaboration across organizations.

M365 app awards image

By creating a seamless way to move content from email to a Teams conversation OnePlaceMail further enhances productivity between these platforms - connecting the inner and outer loop, promoting a modern workplace. Email metadata is captured automatically, and email attributes are promoted to SharePoint columns in the background, so you can get back to work.

For end-users, the benefits include:

  • Seamless capture and classification of the content they need
  • Minimized change using solutions built on Microsoft Teams and Office 365
  • Work anywhere, on any device, including Outlook for iOS, Android, Outlook for Web (OWA), macOS & Windows Desktop
  • Increased productivity
    • with pinned locations or recent places available to save to in the background while you get back to work
    • move a conversation from Outlook to Teams for modern workplace collaboration
    • fast-moving conversations lead to fast decision making
    • simple compliance and records management
    • reduced email – having the conversation in Teams avoids multiple email responses and having to sift through the information
    • remove duplication by everyone involved having visibility on content and conversations

For organizations you can expect:

  • Drive more intelligent information management and increased compliance. Making it simple to unlock business-critical data stored in personal mailboxes to capture true and accurate records
  • Reduce risk by having records in one location – SharePoint or Teams
  • Driving active usage of Office 365 and adoption of SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook to get a return on the investment you have made

Thank you again from the OnePlace Solutions team!!!! We are working to continue delivering solutions you love, so if you have any ideas please share in our community.

To see all the Microsoft 365 app award winners, click here.

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