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The OnePlace Solutions product suite is licensed to customers in over 35 countries, delivering greater end-user productivity and adoption of the SharePoint platform.

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Common Questions

How do I upgrade?

Follow our easy to follow 'upgrade process' for a seamless installation.

Will my existing key work?

If upgrading to 7.x for the first time, you will need a new key. Contact customer service for further instructions.

Is there a cost in upgrading?

Provided support/maintenance is up to date, there is no cost to upgrading. Note: If you are upgrading to 7.x for the first time, please contact customer service first due to licensing changes.

What is the best practice for an enterprise deployment?

We recommend following these steps to assist with an enterprise deployment.

For any other questions, please add to the comments when submitting the form or contact us.

What our customers say

  • Brilliant product. Light and simple - and it works!

    Shannon Byrne, Crown Melbourne Legal

  • Works pretty good.

    Antonio Zarate, Cemex ERM Operations

  • Integration with SharePoint is excellent; it assists greatly in user adoption of the platform.

    John Loveridge, Rx Management

  • Well-integrated application, easy to work with. Good support team!

    Thomas Nilsson, 10Ben AB

  • It is a great complement and support to keep updated Documents for Projects and Teams. In our company it is the center to facilitate the flow of document to the Document Management System. Managers, Salespeople, Engineers, Finance, all the team loves this application.

    Roberto Suarez Alemany, Atlantic Bearing Services

  • Recommended to my whole team 2 weeks ago. This is what I posted: Works really well. Gives you the option to save both the email and the attachment. Presents a list back of the regular SharePoint sites you visit or you Search by the site name. Gives option to save to library or Folders within if you use them. Also enables you to add any metadata to the files. Saves lots of time faffing around saving to desktop and uploading back to a SharePoint site.

    Trevor Bramwell, Mitie

  • Its a great tool! I get my clients to buy your product all the time. One client in particular cant go without it and the rolling out more to other departments. They buy direct from you guys.

    Warren Patterson, GenPoint IT

  • Good to use to interact with SharePoint for heavy users

    Jane Burke

  • Good product and great customer service

    Ben Murphy

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