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The OnePlace Solutions product suite is licensed to customers in over 35 countries, delivering greater end-user productivity and adoption of the SharePoint platform.

Upgrade to the latest release

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Common Questions

How do I upgrade?

Follow our easy to follow 'upgrade process' for a seamless installation.

Will my existing key work?

If upgrading to 7.x for the first time, you will need a new key. Contact customer service for further instructions.

Is there a cost in upgrading?

Provided support/maintenance is up to date, there is no cost to upgrading. Note: If you are upgrading to 7.x for the first time, please contact customer service first due to licensing changes.

What is the best practice for an enterprise deployment?

We recommend following these steps to assist with an enterprise deployment.

For any other questions, please add to the comments when submitting the form or contact us.

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