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The OnePlace Solutions product suite is licensed to customers in over 35 countries, delivering greater end-user productivity and adoption of the SharePoint platform.

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Common Questions

How do I upgrade?

Follow our easy to follow 'upgrade process' for a seamless installation.

Will my existing key work?

If upgrading from 7.x to 8.x your existing license key will work.

Is there a cost in upgrading?

No.  All customers with an active subscription are entitled to upgrade.

What is the best practice for enterprise deployment?

We recommend following these steps to assist with an enterprise deployment.

Please contact us if we can assist with any questions.

What our customers say

  • Great product. Best in its class.

    David Tigani, ISPT April 2021

  • The tool works like a charm and helped the business achieve its goal.

    Sushankar Layak, TCOE Software Solutions - April 2021


  • Very helpful and prompt service.

    Nicole Leovich, AgriFutures Australia - April 2021

  • OnePlace Solutions have streamlined our use of Office365 and reduced administration time. I also like the function in email where it lets you know that you've either replied or saved the message as it makes cleaning up your inbox and folders a lot quicker.

    Janet Stevenson, Novatax Financial Planners - April 2021

  • As an IT person in my organization, I have researched to find a tool to integrate SharePoint and Outlook and OnePlace Solutions seems to be the best out there. We have been using it for about 3 years. The OnePlace Solutions support team has been very responsive anytime I had an issue/question.

    Tsion Awash, UNCEA - April 2021

  • Good product, good support, and very nice people.

    Bastiaan Kamstra, The Sourcing Company - April 2021

  • Good product, what customers want!

    The Sourcing Company - April 2021

  • Great solution.

    Tita Atang, TSG - April 2021

  • OnePlace Solutions is an easy to use and inexpensive set of apps that provide much-improved usability for Office 365.

    Paul Haley, Cormorant Partnership - April 2021