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The OnePlace Solutions product suite is licensed to customers in over 35 countries, delivering greater end-user productivity and adoption of the SharePoint platform.

Common Questions

What is the minimum number of users I can buy?

The minimum license purchase is:

  • Essential Plan: 5 users. 
  • Business and Premium Plans: 10 Users
What’s included in the 30-day trial?

The free 30-day trial includes access to all software in the plan on an unlimited basis.  Our technical support and customer success teams are also available to assist throughout your trial.


Is the Lite subscription plan free?

Yes, the Lite subscription plan is free.  The subscription provides limited access to the OnePlaceMail app for personal use.

Can I provide a product review?

Yes, please provide a review on Microsoft AppSource. Thank you for your support.

You can also contact us if there is anything we can do to assist.

Are there feature differences between OnePlaceMail Desktop and OnePlaceMail App?

The OnePlaceMail Desktop and OnePlaceMail App offer some of the same core capabilities such as saving an email and attachment to SharePoint. However, there are differences in both the environments each supports and extended capabilities provided.

Detailed Feature Comparison

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