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Four key takeaways from the Digital Workplace Conference New Zealand

Jessica is a senior marketing professional with over 10 years in the industry.
Jessica Mckenzie
10 March 2023

OnePlace Solutions was proud to be a silver sponsor and continue our ongoing support for DWC NZ, helping attendees discover how we provide a simplified and consistent way for people to engage with business systems built on Microsoft 365 for better information management and governance.

This year delivered inspiring speakers and facilitated successful live demonstrations with exciting giveaways. Audiences learned everything digital, from workplace productivity and collaboration to delivering a cloud transformation roadmap.

Here are Four of the biggest takeaways from DWC NZ:

1. The value of in-person events – meeting customers face-to-face is invaluable!

The ability to meet new people and reconnect in person at the DWC conference was priceless! The event organizers did an amazing job in engaging attendees with lots of breaks for community chat throughout the 2-day event. The OnePlace Solutions team had excellent opportunities to develop new connections while reconnecting with customers and partners.

2. People-centric technology-centric

If you want to drive the real adoption of technology and solutions, you need to develop technology and solutions for real people. Build for people, not computers.

Going even further, technology should enhance and uplift our people to be able to go out and make an impact in their role, their organization, and the world.

One example highlighted was to involve team members in intranet design. It is essential for the uptake of a new solution for people using the technology to drive the design and gather feedback on its useability.

3. Governance is about making it easy to do the right thing

Rather than the traditional stance of why teams can’t do something or shouldn’t do something, the effort of governance should address how to make it easier for a team member to complete an action they need to do as part of their role and get the job done.

4. Onboarding commences the moment a person signs the contract & how technology enables this

This not only means a new employee can hit the ground running and be productive from the day they start, but it also makes the onboarding process more efficient by educating and familiarizing a new person before they start on day one.

An example of this could be a series of welcome videos from the team, along with educational resources. The next step to enable our people is to deliver business systems in a personalized, consistent manner right to where the new starter works – in their Outlook inbox. OnePlace Solutions developed OnePlaceLive for exactly this reason, providing better information management, governance, and records compliance.

The DWC team created a welcoming event for the community and brought together a fantastic group of speakers, sponsors, and delegates. We can’t wait to attend & exhibit at their next event in Melbourne, Australia, on the 7 – 8th of June 2023

Our team at OnePlace Solutions is ready to help organizations with personalizing and streamlining business systems built on the Microsoft 365 platform via OnePlaceLive. Bringing the business user into focus from applications they use daily makes for a seamless experience to capture, classify, and access content between applications and Microsoft 365.

To learn more about how OnePlaceLive can personalize business systems built on the Microsoft 365 platform for greater employee experience, information management, and productivity, contact the team today.

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ESPC23 Unwrapped: Navigating the Future with Microsoft Innovations

Europe’s top Microsoft technologies conference, ESPC23 took place last week, and we were there, thrilled to be part of it!

This event delivers the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date practices, advice, and techniques from the finest Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform, and Azure experts globally, including Microsoft Product team members and independent community leaders, including Regional Directors (RDs), MVPs, and Microsoft Certified Masters (MCMs). Because of this, an extraordinary community of like-minded people converge!

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth during the event or the demo in the community area – it was great to meet old and new faces alike, and hear your feedback and ideas – it shapes our future, so stay tuned for what's to come! If you would like to continue the conversation, please contact us.

Here are key takeaways from ESPC23:

Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot – The Next Big Thing!

  • Co-Pilot emerged as a game-changer, but success hinges on quality data input
  • Ensure data is centrally stored and easily accessible to maximize Co-Pilot's capabilities
  • Data cleanliness is paramount – you get out what you put in! Prioritize accurate data for Co-Pilot effectiveness
  • Eliminate outdated or conflicting data to prevent confusion and enhance Co-Pilot's decision-making prowess

SharePoint Embedded Public Preview - Now Available

  • Explore a revolutionary way to build custom content apps for enterprises and ISVs with SharePoint Embedded, now available for public preview.
  • Learn more about this exciting development announced at ESPC23.

The New Microsoft Teams Client: Performance, Rollout, and Feature Parity

  • Since Microsoft announced the general availability of the new rebuilt Teams client in October, ESPC23 delved into discussions about performance enhancements, technical rollout, change management, and achieving feature parity with Teams classic.
  • Discover the ins and outs of the new Microsoft Teams client Introducing the new Microsoft Teams client – Teams | Microsoft Learn

In-Person Conferences: The Power of Connection and Networking

  • Despite the digital era, in-person conferences remain an invaluable way to connect and network.
  • A Microsoft MVP captured the sentiment: "This is the only time I see people in person; I'm now 100% remote. I feel like this is my chance to come to the office and talk with my fellow speakers."

To learn more and explore how we provide a streamlined and consistent approach way for people to engage with business systems built on Microsoft 365 for better information management and governance, contact us for a personalized demo.

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ESPC23: Visit the top European Microsoft Conference

Join us at the top European Microsoft Conference, ESPC23 - where an extraordinary community converges to explore the latest innovations and trends in the realm of Microsoft technologies

| Jessica Mckenzie | Upcoming

ESPC23 Amsterdam

Join us for Europe’s top Microsoft technologies conference, ESPC23, 27th – 30th November 2023, in Amsterdam.

At ESPC, you will hear the latest expertise on Copilot, Microsoft Teams, AI, Azure, Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Power Platform, Governance, CoE, SharePoint, Migrations, PowerShell.

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