How new functionality and productivity software can enable you do more, simply

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Jessica Mckenzie
04 May 2021
How new functionality and productivity software can enable you do more, simply

Most organizations are always looking for new ways to improve productivity and efficiency across their operations. The continuous advancement and adoption of new technologies lets you harness new ways of working to optimize your workforce more than ever before. However, simply introducing new tools and technologies isn’t always the answer.

Making technology work for your people

Even the most efficient technologies can be rendered useless if they’re not user-friendly. For most businesses, people are the heart of the organization, and it’s essential that your technologies work for your workers, and not the other way around.

At OnePlace Solutions, we’re always looking for ways to improve our software to help our customers work more efficiently. We’ve recently released the latest version of our software, Desktop Release 8.3, with updates to functionality that will increase productivity and usability, helping your users maximize their efficiency.

How to upgrade Download R8.3 What's New

Key features in our Desktop Release 8.3 include:

  • Support for high-resolution monitors: navigation, forms, and other elements of Desktop Release 8.3 has been scaled up to display more clearly on modern screens, providing a better user experience.
  • Customized search result views: users will now see search results that mirror the SharePoint experience; enriching the user experience, making it much easier and faster for them to find documents. It doesn’t require additional customization; the preconfigured columns in SharePoint will be pulled across to OnePlace Solutions applications.
  • Improved version control: users can access all versions and version history of a file—as well as comments around new versions, including what has changed and when it was reviewed—within SharePoint, and choose their actions, including restore, delete, and open all from within the familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Simplified email attachment management: users can now right-click attachments in the meeting in Outlook, then have the same options as for attachments in emails. This lets users save information about meetings directly into SharePoint.
  • WebView control: users can now experience the richness of the SharePoint user interface without having to switch to their browser, providing more secure and richer web experiences without the need to switch contexts.

With Desktop Release 8.3, we have also leveraged three key capabilities from OnePlaceDocs Explorer for a better user experience within OnePlaceMail. OnePlaceMail users can now:

  1. Delete documents out of a SharePoint document library.
  2. Move items to different locations—including other site collections—and retain metadata when the same columns are available at the source and destination locations.
  3. Check documents in and out in a document library, including discarding changes as needed.

We are excited for our customers to experience these new features, and we know that these are the improvements that customers wanted to see.

OnePlace Solutions Desktop Release 8.3 is available now. For more information on how OnePlace Solutions can help your business and workers improve efficiencies and productivity, contact the team today.

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