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End of support for IE11 & Edge Legacy for OnePlaceMail App

Following the official Microsoft retirement and end of support for both Internet Explorer 11 (June 15 2022), and Microsoft Edge Legacy (March 09, 2021) OnePlace Solutions will end support for both Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy on March 31, 2023

After March 31, 2023 users who access the OnePlaceMail App using a version of Outlook on Windows that uses Internet Explorer 11 or Edge Legacy will not be able to use the App and will see a message requesting them to upgrade Outlook. 

Why are Outlook Add-ins and Internet Explorer/Edge Legacy linked?

Outlook Add-ins are web applications that are displayed in Outlook for Windows using an embedded browser control (also known as a webview). Add-ins also need a JavaScript engine to run the JavaScript. Both the embedded browser and the engine used by Outlook are supplied by a browser installed on the user's computer.  Which browser is used will depend on:

  • The version of Windows
  • The version of Outlook
  • Whether Outlook is a Microsoft 365 subscription installation or a perpetual Outlook installation
  • Within the perpetual versions of Outlook on Windows, whether the Outlook installation is "retail" or "volume-licensed" variation

The combination of these can get quite complicated and Microsoft has provided this guidance on establishing which browser is used to host Outlook add-ins

What do you need to do?

If your Outlook for Windows installation is using Internet Explorer 11 or Edge Legacy and you wish to continue to use the OnePlaceMail App, you must either; 

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