OnePlaceMail App Now in General Availability

OnePlaceMail App Now in General Availability

The OnePlace Solutions team is excited to announce the OnePlaceMail App is now in general availability.

The OnePlaceMail App provides seamless integration from Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Easily include content from Outlook to Microsoft Teams channels or save an email and its attachments to SharePoint; enhancing your productivity and making it easy to capture and classify data from any Outlook supported device.  See how:


With effortless capture of content, including critical email attributes and SharePoint metadata, information is managed in SharePoint for additional security, compliance, and records management. OnePlace Solutions continues to empower the mobile workforce to achieve greater engagement with SharePoint by allowing you to work within Outlook, including iOS and Android.

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Many communication apps and tools are designed specifically for the audience you are trying to connect with. For example, email is an excellent tool to share information with external collaborators or suppliers, but Microsoft Teams is more useful for having quick conversations with your internal team you work closely with. The reality is we need to work in both environments to do our jobs efficiently, we need to be able to move a conversation from email to Microsoft Teams, effortlessly.

The OnePlaceMail App was developed to meet this need. Minimizing context change, from the Microsoft Outlook app users can save an email directly to a SharePoint location or any Microsoft Teams channel that they have access to. Not only can they quickly share information, the OnePlaceMail App has the option to notify your team, create a conversation and add any additional comments to enable effective collaboration.

Key Features:

  • The only solution allowing you to save to Microsoft Teams Channels & SharePoint from Microsoft Outlook on any device
  • Save emails & attachments to SharePoint Online
  • Capture email metadata automatically & promote to SharePoint columns
  • Complete additional metadata in app
  • Duplicate email checking
  • Works in every Microsoft Outlook environment, including Outlook for iOS, Android, Outlook for Web (OWA), macOS & Windows Desktop
  • Quick to load, delivering a great user experience


  • Drive collaboration by making it simple to share content
  • Greater Office 365 & SharePoint adoption
  • Reduce unnecessary email & make faster decisions by moving emails to a Microsoft Teams conversation
  • Mobile productivity, work anywhere on any Outlook supported device
  • Making information management, records & compliance quick & easy
  • Productivity for the whole team with easy deployment

Unlock business-critical records and knowledge from personal mailboxes today to achieve more value from your information assets.

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