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OnePlaceMail for Office 365 - a seamless and familiar way to save emails and attachments in the cloud

After months of development, testing and fine tuning, we are excited to be announcing OnePlaceMail for Office 365!

Staying with tradition, we are providing a seamless and familiar drag/drop experience for saving emails and email attachments from Outlook to Office 365/SharePoint online. The file explorer integration provided by OnePlaceMail for Office 365 empowers the user to save files and documents easily to Office 365.

With OnePlaceMail on-premise licenced in over 25 countries, the Office 365 release builds on the OnePlaceMail reputation for providing a truly seamless and natural extension to your desktop applications. OnePlaceMail for Office 365 answers the following questions:

  1. Download OnePlaceMail for Office 365How do I save email messages from Outlook to Office 365 / SharePoint Online?
  2. How do I save email attachments from Microsoft Outlook to Office 365?
  3. How do I save files from Windows Explorer?
  4. How do I access SharePoint Online capabilities directly from Microsoft Outlook?

Video: Watch OnePlaceMail for Office 365 in action (2 minutes)

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James Fox

James Fox


CEO at OnePlace Solutions, a trusted Microsoft Gold partner providing a suite of integrated products on the SharePoint/Office 365 platform. I'm responsible for the business strategy and engagement with our partners and clients across 35 countries, fostering a culture of innovation and helping set the vision for product positioning and roadmap.

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