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Office 365 / SharePoint 2013 ready


Office 365 / SharePoint 2013 ready

OnePlaceMail is a natural extension to your desktop applications such as Outlook, File Explorer and Office, enabling you to easily save content to Microsoft SharePoint on-premise, Private Cloud or Office 365.

The OnePlaceMail solution can be used in a Hybrid environment whereby you can save or access content in both your on-premise and cloud environments.


Capture: Save emails, files and documents to the Cloud with ease.

Access: Open emails messages from Office 365 without saving first and use the full search capabilities without leaving Outlook

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Capture: Seamlessly Save emails, attachments and files to SharePoint.

Access: Search and benefit from the power of SharePoint without leaving Outlook.

Team collaboration is now possible from anywhere, with knowledge and records management across your organisation being efficient, secure and accessible.

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