Microsoft Office (Word, Excel PowerPoint) to SharePoint

  • Save documents to SharePoint
  • Save macro-enabled files
  • Complete SharePoint / Office 365 metadata when saving
  • Open documents from SharePoint
  • Launch SharePoint search locations

Adobe Acrobat to SharePoint Integration

  • Save documents to SharePoint
  • Complete SharePoint / Office 365 metadata when saving
  • Open documents from SharePoint

File Explorer integration

  • Save Files direct from File Explorer to SharePoint / Office 365
  • Complete SharePoint metadata for better management of information
  • Capture the original File Created and File Modified Date from Windows Explorer when saving files to SharePoint
  • Support for both Adobe Acrobat Reader and the full Adobe Acrobat (X, XI and DC)

Docs Explorer (Windows Task Tray)

  • Access to persistent navigation tree for Favorite location, Recent, Solution Profiles, SharePoint
  • Productivity actions - view properties, copy as link, etc
  • Open location in web browser
  • Create new Folders / Document Sets
  • Previews for emails and documents
  • SharePoint views with support for SharePoint Columns, Group By, Sorting and filtering
  • Search selected location
  • Define a specific SharePoint view for use within Outlook
  • Drag & drop files from Windows Explorer to the Docs Explorer for upload to SharePoint
  • Upload one or more files to SharePoint/Office 365
  • Download a selected file from SharePoint (Ribbon and Right-Click)
  • Open document in Office Web App Preview
  • Open with... to a selected application

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